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Growing Up Twice: Shaping a Future by Reliving My Past
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By Aaron Kirk Douglas
Author Aaron Kirk Douglas discusses and reads from his memoir "Growing Up Twice: Shaping a Future by Reliving My Past" at its publication party on January 14, 2016 at the University Club of Portland, Oregon.
Jason DeParrie Turner interviews author Aaron Kirk Douglas on his memoir about his yearslong mentorship with a troubled Latino boy through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. "I've read this book more than five times and each time I feel it makes me want to be a better human.
— Readers' Favorite
“Douglas’ book does a beautiful job of connecting the past to the present, particularly in the sections that depict his blossoming relationship with his parents as they aged. His memories of being a gay teenager in the ’70s are also full of engaging personalities, sometimes monstrous and sometimes beautiful, which make the story hard to walk away from. . . Douglas’ compelling story moves toward a conclusion that’s a genuine testament to his tireless dedication to his Little Brother.
A moving memoir about struggling to form personal relationships in turbulent environments.”
— Kirkus Reviews
“. . .raw, honest, inspirational. . .powerful and heartfelt.”
— Clarion Reviews

Featured April, 2016 - Oregon Jewish Life Magazine
Big Brother Writes "Manual" for Growing Up


A gay Oregon man reflects on years of mentoring a troubled Latino boy, and his life lessons learned in return.  In this first-of-its kind memoir, an award-winning mentor in the Big Brother/Big Sister program, Aaron Kirk Douglas illuminates the emotional turmoil inherent in mentoring an at-risk youth. He relates how it pushed him to become more than just a weekend-toss-the-ball-around kind of mentor. In his relationship with Rico, a fatherless foster child he meets through Big Brothers /Big Sisters, Douglas must face the memories─and pain─of growing up gay in rural Oregon without the love and acceptance he so desperately craved from his own father. His journey leads him to forge a new kind of family—the kind you create for yourself.

Want to see if the author is coming to your town? Aaron and his Little Brother are available for no-fee engagements to raise money for mentoring causes. Email editor@newsworthybooks.com or call our offices to learn more.

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A collection of poems by author, Vanessa Nix Anthony, that explore a single dramatic year in her life. Filled with aching, richly-rendered poems, In Less than a Year is a sequence steeped in conflict, loss, guilt, confusion, isolation, love and ultimately – triumph. These poems vibrate with a raw intensity, palpable on every page.

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