Author Aaron Kirk Douglas Featured in Oregon Jewish Life Magazine

Newsworthy Books is pleased to announce that Aaron Kirk Douglas, author of GROWING UP TWICE, is featured in the April, 2016 edition of Oregon Jewish Life (click here) magazine. The honor feels especially fitting as the author celebrates the rite of Passover with friends, family, and strangers. 

Author Erica Brown writes: 
"We begin the Seder welcoming anyone who is hungry. We don’t ask for an ID card or a permission slip. We invite people to join our intimate circle not because we know them but because we don’t know them. Our job is to tell a story about oppression that happened because one group of people with power decided to make a small minority in their midst into strangers. You can oppress strangers. You can’t oppress friends." -- from My Jewish Learning.

GROWING UP TWICE is a celebration of erasing the strangeness between those of us who are separated from each other in a society that normally keeps us apart. 

Happy Pesach everyone!

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